About Us

DOCKDA Rural Development Agency works in rural villages of the Northern Cape province of South Africa.


The Northern Cape is sparsely populated with vast distances separating towns and villages. Its northern reaches are characterized by semi-arid dune country and extreme temperatures that soar to an average 40°C (100°F) in summer and drop to 0°C in winter. Although seemingly inhospitable, this region is home to a number of villages, some as far away as 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the nearest main town, Kuruman in the John Taolo Gaetsewe district.

Due to the geographical isolation many of these rural villages lack service delivery for basic necessities such as water, electricity and sanitation. These forgotten about communities cope with challenges resulting from high rates of unemployment (over 50%), HIV and AIDS (27.5%) and crime. These obstacles paired with low rates of literacy (28%), secondary education completion (20.6%) and economic growth (< 3% in 2014)  lead to socio-economic issues that impact the most vulnerable portions of the population, women and children. 

What we do

For more than 25 years DOCKDA Rural Development Agency has acted under the belief that the key to making sustainable change in rural communities is the women and men who live in those communities. DOCKDA forms partnerships with women-led community-based organisations (CBOs) in the John Taolo Gaetsewe district of the Northern Cape to identify and meet the needs of their respective communities. 

Through these collaborative partnerships, four distinct programmes were developed:

We are registered

  • NPO No: 015-469 NPO
  • PBO No: 930 016 051
  • VAT No: 486 024 8808

Our small team work together to secure partnerships with relevant organisations and institutions that have a shared vision for rural women and men.

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The DOCKDA Board is committed to the effective governance of the organisation and the promotion of DOCKDA's vision of a world in which rural women and men are equal and active citizens.

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DOCKDA Timeline


A world in which rural women and men are equal and active citizens


Build transformational women's leadership & networks of community organisations to change the lives of women and men in rural areas