Women's Leadership Programme

This programme aims to assist and support women-led community based organisations in identifying their assets and building their capacity in order to bring about sustained change in their communities.

Rural women are often marginalised and formally unemployed while working tireless hours as home based carers, early childhood development workers and advice office workers without stipends or an income.
Coping with gender inequalities that manifest through HIV and AIDS, gender based violence and economic disempowerment; the need to support local women community based organisations is crucial to sustainable change in these communities.
DOCKDA’s Women’s Leadership Programme has a two-pronged focus: capacity building of local community based organisations (CBOs) and individual leaders through the Asset Based Community Development approach and micro-grantmaking of both monetary grants and grants in the form of goods and services to the CBOs. 
Recent Initiatives
  • Capacity building workshops have been conducted in conjunction with training service providers to increase the abilities of the women leaders of our CBO partners in areas such as: positive parenting skills, leadership, governance & strategy, financial administration & budgeting, planning project design & management, fundraising, capacity building of staff and volunteers. 
  • 4 Orphans and Vulnerable Children Coordinators from separate CBOs were sponsored to complete a Level 2 accredited training in Child and Youth Care from the National Association of Child Care Workers. 
  • 4 CBO leaders were sponsored to complete a Paralegal and Community Leader Training course from the Foundation for Human Rights. 
  • Bicycles donated to homebased carers to enable them to travel quickly between patients over vast remote distances.