Girls' Rights to Health and Equal Education

This programme aims to improve girls’ access to health and education and awareness of their rights to healthy living and an equal education.


DOCKDA's Girls' Rights to Health and Equal Education Programme aims to alleviate both physical and cultural barriers that female learners face in completing their education.

The community-based organisation partners identified low school attendance by girls aged 10-14 as a major problem in their communities, with many girls dropping out of school at age 15.

By giving girls access to sanitary wear they are able to overcome the physical barrier to education and attend school with dignity and confidence during their menstrual cycle. The distribution of reusable sanitary items is paired with ongoing discussions with learner, educators, parents and community based organisations (CBOs) and community members regarding fundamental ideas about gender roles and the challenges female learners face in obtaining a full education.

Recent Initiatives

Awareness workshops and dialogues have been held on topics especially relevant to girls such as: the onset of puberty and menstruation and its link to fertility and reproductive health, cultural norms regarding menstruation, access to toilet facilities at home and school, and school attendance.

  • 110 packs of underwear were distributed among girl learners.
  • DOCKDA held 2 Lekgotlas on the challenges that face girls attending and completing school for over 100 individuals including learners, parents, CBOs and community members.