Food Security and Wellness

This programme aims to enable community based organisations (CBO’s) to provide a sustainable source of vegetables to the vulnerable patients that they serve.

Due to a lack of food in many rural communities, many HIV and AIDS patients default on their treatment. DOCKDA’s community based organisation (CBO) partners that serve as home based care providers identify patients that need a regular supply of healthy food, especially vegetables.
In order to help meet this need, DOCKDA developed the Food Security and Wellness Programme to help provide our CBO partners with the necessary resources and knowledge to create and maintain food gardens.
The gardens provide a sustainable source of vegetables for the home based care providers’ sick and vulnerable patients as well as other malnourished people in their communities. 
Past Initiatives
  • Training in organic food gardening has been supplied to our CBO partners. 
  • CBO partners have been supplied with the basic resources necessary to start a garden such as: seed, gardening tools, and water tanks.